Flamingo Farm Fest 2019 Poster


…and many more impromptu jam sessions


This year we have several people camping, but we should have plenty of room. It'll be first come first serve - and the front yard is a wee bit sloped :-) So yeah! We'll do our best to make it comfy. I did clear out a bunch of weeded area in the back and now there's a big cushy dirt area by the stage - we can lay down tarps and that section should be perf for camping. Also, we have floor space in our studio or trailer where we can blow up an inflatable mattress, we have a couch inside our living room that's cozy...we'll do whatever we need to in order to make sure everyone is safe and can crash if need be.


If you do not plan to catch a really early morning ferry on Saturday - basically plan on waiting 1-2 hours coming from Edmonds. Seattle to Bainbridge could be a better bet, but sometimes it's just as backed up with delays...but often it is a little better. The only catch with taking the Bainbridge ferry is that you'll have a 35-40 minute drive from there to our place...as opposed to landing in Kingston...we're only 10 minutes from downtown Kingston.

Here's a direct link to the Edmonds/Kingston ferry schedule: https://www.wsdot.com/ferries/schedule/scheduledetailbyroute.aspx?route=ed-king

And here's a direct link to the Seattle/Bainbridge ferry schedule:

The real thing to note here is if you do not plan on spending the night see below. I'm going to make this extra big so y'all can plan accordingly...

11:10pm & 12:20am

After that...

12:00am & 1:25am

After that...

You gotta drive around via the Tacoma Narrows Bridge or crash overnight here!!!

Again...we're 10 minutes from the Kingston ferry terminal and about 40 minutes from the Bainbridge ferry terminal...so you'll need to account for that travel time to get there before the departure time. Get there early!!! Emily and I have learned the hard way too too tooooo many times...and sometimes we still just don't seem to get it!


This is probably a BIG one (next to ferry travel details coming next). Some of our neighbors have agreed to let attendee's park their cars in their extra driveway space. Please see me or Emily if our drive way and side driveway parking space is full. PLEASE DO NOT PARKING ON THE STREET out of courtesy to our neighbors. We'll figure something out...the neighborhood street is just a little narrow and we don't want to completely take it over. Let's make it a team effort and jockey those metal beasts into the right place!


I’ll have a modest PA system with a built in mixer. Feel free to bring an extra mic stand with you and cable just in case, but mainly bring your instrument if you don’t play drums, keyboards or sing. I’ll have a Premier drum kit provided on stage (and drum sticks), my Nord Stage 2 keyboard, a MIDI keyboard, a big basket of fun percussion instruments, 1 main vocal microphone on a boom stand and another lose vocal microphone available. I have a Ukulele, Resonator Guitar (Dobro) and a slew of Harmonicas. Beyond that…pots and pans ;-)


We'll be providing a nice summer Mexi-style spread of beef tacos, grilled and crisp veggies, chips, salsa, guac, a yummy kale salad, fruit, etc. etc. And we have non-alcoholic beverages like La Croix's and juice boxes for the kids. Emily's planning on possibly making a batch of Sangria but we're asking everyone to BYOB(bring your own booze). Coolio?! Also, feel free to bring snacks and whatnot as well. On Sunday morning (for anyone camping overnight) we'll have bagels with various spreads, hardboiled eggs, fruit, coffee, etc.