Join Me in Support of the Haiti Relief Efforts

Many of you know by know that many of our worldly brothers and sisters in Haiti are recovering from a major Earthquake that hit on Tuesday. A dear friend of mine David Pierre-Louis (many of you know as the owner of LUCID) has family and friends down in Haiti and hasn’t been able to get through on the phones. He’s flying out today with any aiding supplies he can carry on the plane. He’ll land in the Dominican Republic and actually have to drive into to Haiti as I believe their airport is in ruins.

It’s a trying time for the people of Haiti and the “aftershocks” have been felt all across the world – even here in our own music community. I encourage you all to do whatever you can to help whether it be donating to the Red Cross (or any of the other organizations former Pres. Bill Clinton recommends on his site HERE), or even donating to David’s bank account through LUCID.  Whatever you can do – big or small – just consider what you’d do if it were someone in your family you couldn’t get through to on the phone and didn’t know whether was safe or not. A helping hand at the beginning of 2010 can go a long way. Thank you!

Along with Jason Parker’s support efforts through his music – I too will donate 100% of all  Josh Rawlings Trio CD sales toward the Haiti Relief Efforts if you by one of my CD’s within the next 2 weeks.