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Incoming Student Questionnaire:

1. Who are some bands or artists you listen to?  Any specific genres or kinds of music that lights you up when you hear it or play it?

2. What excites you about creating music? What instrument do you feel most connected to make music with?

3. What kind of relationship do you have with your instrument? Share some experiences from something you’ve observed from another musician playing your instrument, or an experience you’ve had playing music on your instrument.

4. Why are you interested in music lessons now and what do you envision accomplishing through your lessons?

5. If you had one ultimate dream music experience you could see in the not too distant future, what would that be and why?  What would make you happiest playing music?

6. Have you had previous experience in music instruction and what has been your experience? Please share any positive experiences with former teachers or things you’ve taught yourself.

7. Share any positive transformations you feel like you’ve experienced in the development of your own creative voice.

8. Do you find yourself ever listening to the radio and humming along in pitch with the melody, lyric, etc.? Do you have a sense that you have perfect pitch or can play by ear?

9. Where would you say your reading and music theory knowledge is?

10. If you would sing/play any song on top of a mountain just for the simple joy of doing so, what would the song be?