Here's a transcription I did of one of Mark's last documented solos from a jam session  before he passed end of November 2018. I'm putting it here for folks to enjoy and play if they feel moved to do so. I realized while transcribing his solo that Mark was truly a master at fusing the "Church" Gospel stylings with Bebop, Jazz, Hip-Hop & Soul sensibility...and pushing the envelope well beyond those definitions.

It was special to gather with a bunch of his friends, family, peers and community on Sunday, Dec. 2nd at Rumba Notes in Columbia City and I know (as well as those who were in attendance that evening) that Mark's vibration will live on in the music and in ways we least expect. His presence in our community and in so many of our lives will have a lasting ripple effect that we can cherish and infuse into our own music making. Thank you Mark!