This Unruly Mess I've Made Album CoverThe Heist Album Cover

Film, TV & Music Videos:

Drug Dealer feat. Ariana DeBoo (October 25th, 2016) directed by Jason Koenig

Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis (October 11th, 2016) produced by MTV

Kevin feat. Leon Bridges (February 24th, 2016) directed by Jason Koenig & Ryan Lewis

Downtown feat. Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz & Eric Nally (August 27th, 2015) directed by Ryan Lewis, Jason Koenig & Ben Haggerty

Look Again (November 2015) directed by Daniel O’Connor

White Walls feat. SchoolBoy Q & Hollis (September 9th, 2013) directed by Ryan Lewis & Jon Jon Augustavo

BomBom ft. The Teaching (April 1st, 2013) directed by CHEOK

Same Love feat. Mary Lambert (October 2nd, 2012) directed by Ryan Lewis & Jon Jon Augustavo

Complete Album List
Caela Bailey: Gospel Of The Gutter Queen (Coming Soon)
Michel Navedo: Bossa (Coming Soon)
Josh Rawlings Trio: Swell (Released October 10th, 2016)
Tulameen: Tulameen (Released August 1st, 2016)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: This Unruly Mess I’ve Made (February 26th, 2016)
The Teaching: What a Joy (October 15th, 2015)
Chava Mirel: Make The Two Sides Meet (October 19th, 2015)
Industrial Revelation: Liberation & the Kingdom of Nri (October 10th, 2015)
Jason Parker Quartet: Homegrown (December 9th, 2014)
Ahamefule J. Oluo: Now I’m Fine (December 9th, 2014)
Michel Navedo: Se Encante (May 16th, 2014)
The Teaching: Birds In Flight (May 4th, 2014)
Industrial Revelation: Live at Rhythm & Rye (February 12th, 2014)
Industrial Revelation: Oak Head (October 13th, 2013)
Soul Kata: Rockets EP (December 1st, 2012)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: The Heist (October 9th, 2012)
Reservoir Cats: Radio Head Tribute (March 26th, 2012)
Industrial Revelation: Live at the Eastside (February 23rd 2012)
The Teaching: Live at Dazzle (December 27th, 2011)
Spekulation: The Remix Collection – The Ellington Project (October 10th, 2011)
Jason Parker Quartet: Five Leaves Left – A Tribute to Nick Drake (March 29th, 2011)
Katrina Kope & Josh Rawlings Duo: Today Or Tomorrow (December 1st, 2010)
LUCID 2yr Anniversary (November 6th, 2010)
The Teaching: Live at the Triple Door (October 27th, 2010)
Industrial Revelation: Unreal Reality (February 20th, 2010)
Tai Shan & Josh Rawlings: Silent Echoes – Rough Draft (December 24th, 2009)
LUCID: Lucid Live 2009 Anthology (November 7th, 2009)
Jason Parker Quartet: No More, No Less (October 24th, 2009)
Soul Kata: Here I Am (August 4th, 2009)
Reservoir Cats: Spirit of Mingus – Bonus (July 11th, 2009)
Reservoir Cats: Spirit of Mingus (July 11th, 2009)
Josh Rawlings Trio: Live on Sonarchy Radio (February 21st, 2009)
Jason Parker Quartet: Live @ JazzTV (January 14th, 2009)
The Teaching: The Teaching (January 2nd, 2009)
Soul Kata: More – Single (July 20th, 2008)
Josh Rawlings Trio: Climbing Stairs (July 1st, 2008)
Jason Parker Quartet: Jason Parker Quartet (June 1st, 2007)
Industrial Revelation: It Can Only Get Better From Here (March 8th, 2007)
Soul Kata: Soul Kata (February 3rd, 2006)
Josh Rawlings Trio: Super Recital Bros. (April 15th, 2005)
Josh Rawlings: Too Many Styles (January 1st, 2001)
Josh Rawlings: Early Works (January 1st, 2000)

Discontinued & Out-Of-Print Albums
Spekulation: The Depression Era EP (2010)
The Teaching: Live at D Note (2009)
The Teaching: Live at Seattle Art Museum (2009)
Spekulation: The Bite (2009)
Spekulation: Just Add Water – The Mix Tape (2009)
The Teaching (DVD): Live at Triple Door (2009)
Industrial Revelation (DVD): Live at Triple Door (2008)
Eileen Rose: Strange As It Seems (2007)
Love is the Word: Jazz Under a Seattle Skyline (2007)