What are Tailored Songs? Tailored songs are a lot like a handmade suit, a painting of a fine portrait, a time-capsule to cherish and evoke certain memories, a commissioned symphony or work of art -- in other words, I create custom songs for YOU! These songs can literally take any shape from being a portrait piece of a loved one, a special song for your wedding day, a jingle or composition for promoting your business and even something as simple as a short loop for a PowerPoint presentation or website. There really is no limit to what form, style, tempo, etc. a piece I create for you can develop into.

This is such an exciting opportunity for you to have original music no royalty's, license's or contracts attached. In some cases where you would want the music to go public into the market we could discuss the possibility of sharing ownership of the song -- this means your song could actually MAKE MONEY FOR YOU! The bottom line is I love to write music and I honestly love making all types of music.  There really isn't anything I can't create musically for you -- and if for some reason it's out of my capability to do on my own, I'm connected to some of the most talented musicians, arrangers, orchestrators and music industry professionals around.

Contact me with your great song idea and let me compose something you'll be proud to show all your friends, co-workers and family. Tailored Songs are the new personalized accessory! Tell me - who of your friends have a song written just for them?

Or start immediately by filling out the linked questionnaire/song-form (coming soon) and give me some info to start framing a song for you.

Music: Heart Sessions

I’m now developing a new type of live music experience where my performance becomes much more collaborative between audience/performer. I’m interested in creating music on-the-spot, in real-time where listeners directly inspire and conduct more of what they’d like to hear and experience – like a living breathing jukebox or muse-ician (pun intended!).  Specifically, listeners can make requests and the performer will be much more then a showman/entertainer, but rather a facilitator for the vibe I believe the audience is there for in the first place.

Please reach out if you're interested in hosting this type of performance at a venue or even your home. I want to bring my unique and fun music to you!

Individual Sessions

Are you in need of some music to meditate to or work out some emotional tension in your body? Do you need music to heal some mental wounds or to simply relax for a stretch of time? If you're looking for something that will help in any of these areas or others, I'd like to invite you to take an individual session of healing music with me.

When we meet I take a few brief minutes to check-in with you about any discomfort, tension or ideas you'd like to share with me. Then after a little talking I will attempt to create/frame a musical way for those things to move through and possibly out of you. We can talk about anything and the information you share with me can be kept completely confidential.

While I may not be a therapist or licensed music healer, I recognized that I have a unique ability to listen to others openly and lovingly, and I deeply enjoy creating music that may make people feel like they're carrying a little lighter load.  Music is such a powerful tool that has been used by many, many cultures to heal and uplift others. I find that the same music we enjoy relaxing to in a Massage Studio or in a live Jazz Concert (where music may be improvised and fueled by the environment), so to can music be a transforming and beautiful element for the individual. All you have to do is look at positive effects of Worship Music in Churches or even how you react when you hear your favorite song or one that makes you reminisce. Music can help you grow, know and heal within...it has for me more times than I can remember.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about these sessions - there's a lot of flexibility in what I can bring musically for you.