My name is Josh Rawlings and I’m a pianist, keyboardist, composer, vocalist and serious player of the vintage Fender Rhodes here in Seattle, WA. I’ve been performing very passionate, Jazz-rooted, original music in several Seattle based groups for the past 10 years.  I’ve been touring nationally with the Jason Parker Quartet and The Teaching and shared the stage with the Al Green.  I’m an Earshot Golden Ear Award recipient and have performed at the internationally recognized Earshot Jazz Festival.

I was born in St. Croix Falls, WI, grew up in Minneapolis, MN and moved to Seattle at age 14. Music has been a constant in my life since the age of 3 and the piano being my first real love. I honed my writing and performing skills on the piano at Cornish College of the Arts from 2001 to 2005 and now make a full-time living performing publicly & privately, teaching piano, booking music, touring, composing, designing for web & poster art (One Busy Dude), promoting shows, and the list goes on.  If there’s a way to make money in the Seattle music industry…you name it…I’m probably involved in some way. I simply love music and learning about the biz.

I currently divide my time between running my company J&J Music with my business partner and fellow jazz man, trumpeter Jason Parker, and I perform regularly with the Josh Rawlings Trio, Soul Kata, Industrial Revelation, The Teaching, the Water Babies & the Jason Parker Quartet. The above groups are my main music projects, although I’m also a top-call freelance musician playing private & public gigs, recording sessions and many other types of music related work.

Creating joyful, uplifting and fun live music is the reason of why I’m a musician and take the stage.  I jump and nearly every chance to create music on the fly and move my audience to new heights over and over again.  Playing music in the moment, as well as showing how much fun I’m having with my friends on stage, is key in everything I do.

I’m excited to continue touring and reaching/meeting more of the worldwide family in the coming years and seeing how my music reaches people. If you have any ideas where I can perform or audiences you feel would enjoy my music – please pass my music and website onward and upward!

Thank you for listening!
Josh Rawlings